Take Up Unit Bearings

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Take-up bearings are a type of mounted bearing primarily used for adjusting and maintaining conveyor belt tension. Take-up is the process of adjusting the length of the belt and chain to compensate for stretch, shrinkage, or wear, and to maintain proper tension. This is done with the assembly of the necessary structural and mechanical parts, including take-up bearings. The take-up bearing assembly consists of a housed that is mounted to a frame. The bearing is guided along the frame by a slot int he bearing housing or other means. The take-up assembly contains a screw or other mechanism for adjusting its location along the frame.  A shaft connects two take-up bearings, one mounted on each side of the assembly. When a conveyor belt or chain needs to be replaced or tightened, the take-up bearing is adjusted via the screw or other mechanism to provide the appropriate amount of tension on the system.

DODGE NSTU-GT-45M Take Up Unit Bearings

F-6304J1 15,000
20,000 mm 52,000

DODGE NSTU-GT-40M Take Up Unit Bearings

Cylindrical Roller Steel
Flat No

DODGE NSTU-GT-35M Take Up Unit Bearings

SAE 841 Bronze 50000
1 in 2000

QM INDUSTRIES QMTU10J200SEM Take Up Unit Bearings

100 mm 290 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMTU10J115SEM Take Up Unit Bearings

149,5 mm 6 °
156 kN 35 mm

QM INDUSTRIES QMTU18J090SM Take Up Unit Bearings

3381 kN 118
2078 kN 71,5 Kg

QM INDUSTRIES QMTU18J080SM Take Up Unit Bearings

1.5000 in 1.5000 in
Non-Expansion Bearin Standard Duty

QM INDUSTRIES QMTU18J303SM Take Up Unit Bearings

50 mm NRB_S_RNA
RNA4838 219.5

DODGE NSTU-GT-30M Take Up Unit Bearings

No No
Cast Iron Cylindrical Bore Set

DODGE NSTU-GT-25M Take Up Unit Bearings

3200 RPM 14872 lb
Round 62.5 mm

DODGE NSTU-GT-20M Take Up Unit Bearings

Available 6 Days
[Steel] 1018 Carbon Metric (Fine) Thread

QM INDUSTRIES QMTU11J203SM Take Up Unit Bearings

2500 rpm Setscrew Lock - Wide
1-1/2 ° #2 Lithium